What is it?

SelectSolutions™ is a cloud-based platform that provides mailers a comprehensive single-source solution allowing them the ability to select a customizable set of services tailor made to fit their mailing operations.

Now what does that mean to a mailer?

It means no matter what size your operation, there’s a solution to meet your needs. So, whether you are a reseller looking to add an Intelligent Mail® barcode (IM® barcode) to your lettershop and then offer your clients mail tracking and address quality... or... you are a mailer who not only wants to track your marketing mail but needs to reconcile your postage, we have you covered.

SelectSolutions is an innovative combination of Software as a Service and managed services offered via the new concept of a cloud platform. This platform will provide you a one-stop destination available 24/7 to add a single service or combine services with the ability to alter services at the job level.

  • Provides you a centralized location for real-time provisioning and administration of services for your mail
  • Includes address quality services not available from any other product on the market
  • Provides access to leading mail-tracking services: GrayHair’s MailTrak (for mail owners) or SelectTrak (for resellers)
  • Includes managed postal reconciliation and postal data portal access
  • Provides e-Doc management and access to PostalOne!®
  • Has access to all new applications as they become available
  • Is not linked to a specific location adding flexibility for account managers/multiple facility access
  • Create "My SelectSolutions Cloud" - choose and use those applications that meet your business needs; no need to purchase packages to get the one product you need
  • Eliminate the complexity of Intelligent Mail®, Full Service, electronic documentation and Move Update
  • Rely on the fact that your solution meets Move Update compliance requirements
  • Eliminate requests for IT needs and associated costs
  • Have direct access to GrayHair‘s postal experts via customized support options
  • Have on-demand access to any application you need to process your jobs
  • Access to a true cloud platform that will eliminate dependency on legacy hardware and software; also remove the need for required expensive integration and continuous maintenance
  • Available 24x7x365 to meet your most urgent business needs; access to your solution through all major browsers eliminates the need for multiple location installs
  • Run the latest version of the software, which means your mailings are always USPS® compliant and qualify for the maximum postal discount allowed