USPS® Informed Visibility - EnRoute™

In January 2012, the USPS began providing enhanced visibility into the Full Service mailing process through new container and handling unit scans. GrayHair is offering this Informed Visibility option through its new EnRoute® services. This add-on option is available for mail owners, mail service providers and logistics firms so they can easily benefit from this new data.   

The enhanced visibility of the movement of pallets, trays and sacks through the postal network is converted into meaningful data through GrayHair’s current applications. This visibility provides you peace of mind knowing that your mail has been inducted and is moving in the right direction with no delays or issues.

 EnRoute is perfect solution for your organization to get the most of this data.


EnRoute - A Solution for your Mail

As a mail owner, your investment is what’s on the line. Visibility scans provide you an earlier view into your mailstream than provided by piece-level scan data. This earlier mailstream visibility gives you the ability to identify missing containers, slowdowns and disruptions. GrayHair’s reports provide you an in-depth review of your mail and action needs for each item.

Access to our dedicated mail monitoring service, MailWatch™, is available as an optional source of analysis to bring value to the Informed Visibility data. This allows the team early detection of problems and enhances the analysis of supplier and vendor performance.

Informed Visibility data offers unique features including the ability to launch triggers via email so immediate action can be implemented.

A Package to drive your Solutions

Informed Visibility data for logistics providers uses GrayHair’s EnRoute service, which was built using GrayHair’s advanced skill and experience in data analysis and management. This Informed Visibility data is optimized for best usage in a transportation environment and can be directly tied into internal freight management data.

Informed Visibility data allows you to build a historical blueprint for the full range of USPS facilities that you work with; optimizing your network and improving the solutions you provide to you customers. With the ability to launch alerts, actions such as a phone call to the USPS facility or site visit to the vendor to locate missing pallets can be implemented with a simple email. Consider this system your diagnostic foundation; it allows you to determine proof of mailing as well as historical operational trends and patterns.

A Solution for your Customers

EnRoute's use of the Informed Visibility data can be a lifeline for your customers. You can use this to identify problems for your customers allowing you to increase the service you provide. This also allows for easier adjustments to your planning processes. You can provide direct access to the Informed Visibility data and access to GrayHair solutions to analyze that data through existing applications. This simple step increases your value to your customers.