Advanced Image Direct

Advanced Image Direct’s web based, in-line finishing system is unique to the West Coast. Advanced Image Direct achieves complex, high-speed personalization on the front end and delivers completely finished direct mail packages on the other end, with folding, gluing, trimming and die-cutting in between, enabling marketers to produce highly personalized packages and to get their product or offer to market quicker.

Pittsburgh Mailing

Pittsburgh Mailing has been the one-stop shop for servicing the direct mail needs of clients in the greater Pittsburgh area for more than 25 years. Pittsburgh Mailing offers one-on-one attention and respects the integrity of its clients’ mail, mailing lists and data. Pittsburgh Mailing is licensed by the United States Postal Service® to perform National Change of Address (NCOA) processes, as well as on-site postal verification., headquartered in Prince Frederick, Md., is a leading provider of integrated direct marketing solutions. For over 40 years,’s unique Identify... Target... Contact... Acquire... Engage... Retain approach has maximized ROI for nonprofits and businesses nationwide.’s full range of services includes state-of-the-art in-house production capabilities with capacity for up to 3 million pieces per day by a staff of over 250 direct marketing professionals.

EU Services

EU Services, a 40-year-old company in the direct marketing industry, offers start-to-finish capabilities for producing and communicating their customers’ unique messages to their intended audiences. They provide the convenience of using a single source for production of their customers’ direct marketing programs.

The Baesman Group

The Baesman Group brings together a unique portfolio of solutions and capabilities not typically found in one provider to apply to your daily challenges. For more than 50 years, the company has delivered superior end-to-end solutions for complex, multi-channel consumer marketing programs through a single point of accountability with sophistication and elegance.

TEC Mailing Solutions, LLC

TEC Mailing Solutions, LLC, is a full-service list processing and mailing management solutions for printers, publishers, catalogers and direct mailers. Their three-tiered approach leverages their industry-recognized staff, proprietary software solutions and their ability to manage a mailing event from beginning to end.

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