Mail TrackingSelectTrak®

A Web-based solution that allows resellers to provide state-of-the-art mail tracking to their clients.

As an application on the SelectSolutions™ cloud platform, SelectTrak allows resellers to provide state-of-the art inbound and outbound mail tracking to clients of every size. This web-enabled offering is packaged and priced so mail producers can offer the power, reliability and flexibility of GrayHair’s industry-leading MailTrak® service. SelectTrak offers a user-friendly, online dashboard that enables end-users a complete view into the life of their mailings. Mail data is updated in real time and delivered via a reporting engine that includes a wide array of options as well as the ability to produce ad hoc reports. SelectTrak allows users to enable Address Change Service (ACS™).

With SelectTrak, you can offer your clients the ability to track entire outbound mailings or find the location of a single piece within that mailing. They can use the Google mapping feature to identify the path of a mailpiece. You can also brand SelectTrak with your own logo and product name if desired.

What SelectTrak can really offer your clients is the flexibility to meet a variety of operational and marketing needs including:

  • Knowing exactly when their mail was sent and delivered
  • Ability to schedule reports or run them as needed
  • Ability to enable Address Change Service (ACS™)
  • Tracking of both inbound and outbound mailpieces
  • Predicting accurate increases in call center and fulfillment center volumes
  • Coordinating multi-media activity and follow-up with InHome™ delivery dates
  • Scheduling standard or ad hoc reports to run as needed: one time or on a recurring basis
  • Viewing maps showing, based on scan input, exactly where their mailpiece was and where it is now

For Resellers:

  • Branded solution of GrayHair’s industry-leading service
  • Implemented through GHSelect®, our IMb™ assignment tool
  • Simplified billing - flat fees and no minimums
  • Robust reporting engine

For Reseller Clients:

  • Monitor and manage your entire mailstream
  • Know exactly when mail was sent and delivered
  • 24/7 access to industry-leading reports
  • Ability to enable Address Change Service