Intelligent Mail BarcodeGHSelect®

A quick and easy tool that assigns IMbs™ to mailing lists.

GHSelect® is a ground-breaking Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) management and assignment application that enables you to encode barcodes that comply with USPS®-mandated 45-day unique sequence codes. With GHSelect, you save time and money as it requires no upfront software purchase or development costs. As the application was built by the experts at GrayHair, the service reduces common mistakes seen with IMb assignment and supports both Basic and Full Service requirements.

GHSelect manages the entire sequence-number generation and supports IMb uniqueness for two years, which is longer than the minimum required by the USPS, or more depending on your customers’ requirements. GHSelect offers IMb assignment on jobs not being tracked through GrayHair. Now, all mailers can implement this system using a simple interface from their Web browsers or using a process executed from the command line. This ensures easy, quick and accurate IMb assignment.

  • Requires no major upfront costs
  • Supports Intelligent Mail Barcode Encoding - Basic and Full
  • Supports Destination (outbound) and Origin (inbound) IMb creation
  • Provides management of 45-day uniqueness of IMb™
  • Supports the sequential and contiguous IMb assignment
  • Supports six- and nine-digit Mailer IDs
  • Supports Mailer ID independence - GHSelect®, Mailer or Mail Owner
  • Dynamic management of Service Type ID
  • Provides the ability to add user-defined unique record identifier for easier ACS™ match back; mailer handles end-user support
  • Track mail with GrayHair’s in-house tracking program or a third-party company
  • Single software tool creates all IMbs™ (full, basic, destination, origin) within one product
  • No upfront software purchase, which saves capital investments
  • Immediate software updates as postal regulations change
  • Runs safely behind your file wall protecting your confidential client data
  • Ability to run jobs 24/7 without waiting for returned IMb-coded file
  • Ability to create IMbs on all mailpieces but only track a sample percentage, which facilitates the ability to track all mailings with up sell potential and to track every mailpiece for added revenue potential