Reseller API

Reseller API – Application programming interface (API)

The GrayHair Reseller API provides you access to all the functionality of GHSelect® in a fully integrated application.  This will allow you to perform the same actions that are currently performed either through our web-based user interface or command line , but integrated into your applications. You will gain value from the ability to trigger events from your own system, integrating customer onboarding and management functions.  Files can be processed through command line scripting for a fully automated solution.  This scenario results in a full set of SelectTrak® reports being generated as they are today through the traditional setup. 

There is a new option to process single records or small batches of records through near-real time address quality, IMb™ assignment and tracking processes. You can create host of niche solutions by integrating our services for example from a marketing automation platform that can offer tracking and address hygiene or a direct delivery of reports to clients using your applications.

  • Near-real time address quality services
  • Real time IMb™ assignment
  • Real time delivery status 
  • Integrated job configuration
  • Integrated single records and small batch job submission
  • Validate and correct address data in near real time
  • Prepare data for full service discounts and tracking in real time
  • Determine current status of tracked mail at any point in time
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Fully automated solutions
  • Reducing redundant administrative work