ACS Tracking

The leading-edge mail-tracking service conveniently merged with proprietary address correction services to update your clients’ mailing lists while applying the Intelligent Mail® barcode.

GrayHair Software’s ACS Tracking services for resellers builds on GrayHair’s mail tracking expertise and on the benefits of the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb™) to provide leading-edge Address Change Service (ACS™). Through this application, you can set up an ACS data feed that is automatically sent to clients via email or sent to a designated FTP site.

As with all of GrayHair’s address correction services, ACS Tracking integrates seamlessly into your current mail process to provide IMb assignment, mail tracking along side accurate, timely electronic address updates. Valuable feedback is returned to your clients regarding the state of their current addresses. By returning this feedback to your clients, this application provides improved addresses and response rates on their future mailings. The ACS Tracking application offers business rules that can be defined on a job-by-job basis per your clients’ mailing needs.

  • Provide quick and easy address change updates
  • Delivered via email or FTP
  • Ability to accurately assign an IMb™
  • Ability to fine tune InHome™ targets
  • Ability to perform address list hygiene using Address Change Service (ACS™) data
  • Perform real-time address updates
  • Ability to collect and store ACS records
  • Provide data feeds to directly update your client’s source database
  • Reduce Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail to contribute to corporate green initiatives
  • Maximize campaign effectiveness through managed InHome™ dates
  • Clean mailpiece image (no sprayed-on barcodes)
  • Assign accurate IMbs™, no losses due to poor IMb creation
  • Meet USPS® Move Update
  • Lower ACS™ cost for basic service
  • Suppress pieces with prior identified bad addresses
  • Improve customer satisfaction with multi-channel programs and timely delivery
  • Improve coordination of statements and follow-up pieces
  • Monitor list quality from internal and external suppliers
  • Save on every eliminated UAA
  • Increase customer response rates for your clients through improved address hygiene and redirected mailpieces