Parcel Services -ParcelAQ®

Parcel-focused address hygiene that improves delivery and reduces costly returns

If you mail packages, you know that one wrong delivery can cost you more than return shipping charges; it can cost you a good customer. GrayHair’s postal platform, SelectSolutions offers address hygiene services focused on international and domestic parcels. The Parcel AQ Service helps you avoid expensive delivery errors. Patented address hygiene and business rules ensure accurate addresses on both U.S. and cross-border shipments. As the service is designed as a global solution, you gain the peace of mind that your customers will get their order no matter what the final destination.
Through the SelectSolutions platform, Parcel AQ keeps you up to date with requirements and regulations. You also have access to consulting services through GrayHair Advisors to help improve your current processes.

  • Business logic drives output
  • Advanced U.S. address quality beyond CASS™ and NCOA®; access to a proprietary universal address database to match Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mailpieces to a database of over 35 million records  
  • A Global Address solution
  • Consulting services to improve current processes, keep up with changes and understand opportunities
  • Advance analytics and reporting across carriers
  • Supports USPS 2014 requirement for Zip+4 updating
  • Better address quality through the use of proprietary data means fewer returns, lower costs and happy customers
  • Global address solution for your growing cross-border presence that is in line with your U.S. address solution
  • Business logic makes it easy to understand and get results
  • Access to GrayHair Advisors’ experts, whose services can reduce your research and expenses trying to keep up with postal changes