Universal Address DatabaseTM

Solve your undeliverable mail problem and increase your marketing opportunities with this proprietary address hygiene tool.

Our Universal Address Database is supported by a central repository containing the most comprehensive database of UAA (Undeliverable as Addressed) mail. The application, available throughout the SelectSolutions™ platform, offers a compilation of USPS® reported undeliverable mail from multiple senders representing undeliverable mail intelligence from over 350 million consumer pieces per month.

The Universal Address Database matches UAA mail records against this proprietary database. The data contained in this database exceeds 120 million records and continues to grow.

  • Done before production or in-line during address validation
  • Requires no programming installation or training
  • Uses proprietary address change database
  • Offers performance-based pricing – no initial investment
  • Has a million plus records on file with an ever-increasing pool of addresses
  • Produces a definable ROI
  • Suppresses undeliverable mail and redirects those funds to good addresses