Mail Tracking OutboundMailTrak®

Follow every move your mailings make through the postal stream - from insertion to delivery.

MailTrak is GrayHair’s industry-leading mail tracking application. Delivered through the SelectSolutions™ platform, this managed service is driven through the USPS® Confirm® program and uses the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) to provide valuable insight on the delivery date of your mail. This information is delivered via the most sophisticated suite of reporting tools available, which collect, organize and distill thousands of data points into actionable items.

As a mail owner, you get unprecedented mailstream visibility, vendor accountability and InHome™ delivery day management through MailTrak’s status updates. With this level of mail tracking, you’ll know exactly when your mail was delivered to the USPS and then be able to track it - down to the individual piece - to its final destination. You can use this information to more effectively manage call centers, trigger an email follow up and measure response.

  • Documents InHome™ performance and charts delivery progress
  • Delivers compiled scan counts for all versions on a single page
  • Delivers reports through multiple options including online and email
  • Choose daily or weekly reporting
  • Provides single piece, seed location or overall performance report options
  • Offers industry-leading reporting package
    • Single Piece Lookup
    • Comprehensive ad hoc reporting capabilities
    • Scheduled reporting capabilities
    • Easy-to-use dashboard display
    • Use of Google Maps showing the location and status of each mailpiece
  • Implemented through MTSelect®, an IMb™ management and assignment tool
  • Contains robust reporting engine
  • Monitor and manage your entire mailstream
  • Know exactly when mail was sent and delivered
  • Access industry-leading reports 24/7
  • Provides the ability to enable Address Change Service (ACS™)