Mail Tracking InboundMailTrakBack®

Inbound mail tracking that allows you to manage response and react.

With the addition of GrayHair’s MailTrakBack application, you can enjoy the same high degree of visibility for critical inbound mailpieces as normally with outbound mail tracking. MailTrakBack adds the Intelligent Mail® barcode to your reply envelopes and provides you a “heads up” on incoming mailpieces. This knowledge allows you to view incoming payments, predict call center activity and trigger follow-up activities including email triggers, social media releases or web activity.

MailTrakBack delivers robust and meaningful information, which is transformed into the industry's leading management reports available via our web-based viewer. This on-demand access allows you to proactively manage the incoming mail for your campaigns.

  • Industry-leading reports available online 24/7
  • Alerts to aggregate response levels and timing
  • Remit mailpiece counts available
  • Better planning for order fulfillment
  • Better understanding of inbound cash flow
  • Provides instant response reporting
  • Allows call center optimization
  • Enables enterprise cash flow
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction
  • Enhances data suppression