IMbTM/QR Code/PURL AssignmentMailTrak Select®

Generation and management of Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb™), QR Code and PURLs.

MailTrak Select (MTSelect) is a web-based service that generates and encodes the Intelligent Mail barcode, QR Codes and PURLs (personalized URLs) onto mailpieces. The service is the gateway to many of the other offerings in the SelectSolutions™ platform including mail tracking, Address Change Service (ACS™) and mail monitoring. Assignment of the IMb on mailpieces is one of the key requirements needed to gain USPS Full Service qualification. These IMbs comply with the mandated 45-day uniqueness rule. MTSelect supports uniqueness for even longer depending on your requirements. QR code and PURL assignment allow marketers to enhance their outreach efforts. 

This application is supported by a dedicated GrayHair client services representative, who seamlessly manages the process across multiple mail service providers if needed. MTSelect can also be implemented with your vendors for direct appending of codes to mail files.

  • Supports Intelligent Mail barcode encoding - Basic and Full
  • Allows management of 45-day uniqueness of Intelligent Mail barcode
  • Supports the sequential and contiguous IMb™ assignment
  • Supports both six- and nine-digit Mailer IDs
  • Allows Mailer ID independence - GrayHair Software, mailer or mail owner
  • Provides 24/7 access to software running behind your secure firewall
  • Allows dynamic management of Service Type ID
  • Enables IMb Tracing and ACS – OneCode, Traditional, Full Service, SingleSource ACS
  • Supports QR code / PURL assignment
  • Seamlessly manages unique IMb across the enterprise including multiple sites
  • Enables and protects USPS® Full Service discounts and benefits
  • Provides a dedicated customer service representative through managed service to deal with any concerns or issues you might have
  • Meets USPS criteria for Intelligent Mail barcode - always current with USPS standards and regulations; never worry about your mailings being compliant
  • Enables additional services including address correction services, mail tracking and mail monitoring
  • Cross channel management reporting from IMb, QR Code and PURLs
  • Fully protected from mail tracking patent infringements