Global Address QualityGlobalAQ®


Global Address Quality (Global AQ®) is an international address hygiene service that corrects addresses and formats them to match the unique requirements of each country’s postal system and cultural standards. The service performs this by matching your records against postal code databases from over 200 countries and territories including all countries recognized by the United Nations. As with its domestic address quality solution, our databases are meticulously managed and updated regularly to insure accuracy.

The application works by analyzing each of your addresses and matches the elements against the data from the destination country. If any elements are missing, misspelled or incorrect, Global AQ will insert or correct the information including postal codes. The correct addresses are then delivered back to you or your mail service provider for the intended mailing. These returned addresses will have address quality codes attached. These codes indicate the accuracy of the address and classifies it as deliverable, undeliverable or uncorrectable.

  • Built into GrayHair’s SelectSolutions™ platform
  • Address quality indicator provided
  • Standardizes global address data to each country’s standards
  • Corrects global address data
  • Identifies undeliverable and uncorrectable addresses
  • Improved mail delivery rates
  • Improved mail delivery schedules
  • Lower costs due to fewer undeliverable returns
  • Knowing which addresses are undeliverable gives you the opportunity to use alternate channels for communication or to request an updated address
  • Increased effectiveness of global marketing campaigns
  • Increased contact with current customers