GrayHair works with you to provide the best solution possible to meet your needs. Our best-in-class applications automate many of the critical services needed in processing your mailings, including IMb™ generation and assignment, tracking and postage reconciliation. But GrayHair does more than provide services.

We provide a team of experienced postal experts, who work with you to determine what applications and services best fit your needs - Your Mail. Your Choice. Your SelectSolutions™. GrayHair believes there’s no need for a one-solution-fits-all mentality. Our SelectSolutions™ cloud platform offers solutions when you need them - for one job or every job. You decide. GrayHair offers consulting services in many areas including address report cards, identifying by grade how your mailing scores against USPS® standards.

At GrayHair, we offer a complete software solution and also provide unparalleled customer support, consulting and development teams to help you and listen to you!

  • SelectSolutions for Mail Owners

    Mailers gain ground-breaking access to the most innovative services in the direct mail industry.

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  • SelectSolutions for Resellers

    Mail service providers add an instant revenue stream in the form of branded offerings.

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