Trigger Technology Suite 

Today we offer direct mail trigger intelligence and mobile/digital triggers to support location marketing programs. By combining our Trigger Technologies and Address Validation Suite with the mobile device ID technology, we have a 98% accurate delivery rate. It truly enables getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

SelectSolutions™ Platform

Provides mailers a comprehensive set of services tailor made to fit their operations. An innovative combination of Software as a Service (SaaS) and managed services that provides a one-stop destination, available24/7, for all your mailing needs. This platform is the baseline to implement and invoke trigger technology to the vast communication channels such as SMS text, QR Codes, PURLs digital/mobile and other response-device technologies.

Our SelectSolutions platform is the only industry solution guaranteeing Move Update Compliance, and, through the Address Change Service (ACS) and our proprietary Universal Address Database (UAD), we go one step beyond in providing complete, clean, correct and deliverable address information that can help stop data erosion. 

Mail Tracking Services

As part of the SelectSolutions platform, our Mail Tracking Services provide inbound and outbound mail tracking to clients of every size. We offer unprecedented mailstream visibility, operations management, and InHome™ delivery day management. Know when your mail arrived at the USPS® and then be able to track it – down to the individual piece - to its final destination. This information allows to more effectively manage call centers, or trigger an email follow up.