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Many wonder how the name GrayHair came to be. Once a group of postal industry people were sitting around trying to solve a major issue when someone said “we should bring in the ‘grayhairs’; they’ll know what to do!”

Bring our GrayHairs to the table and we’ll work with your team and your vendors using our expertise, our dedication to service, and our belief that, at the end of the day by working together, we can help make your business grow.

The GrayHair Software team is comprised of experts in direct marketing, logistics, tracking, postal operations, and client services and organizational development. This expertise understands the real nuances of modern mail owners and what it takes to work with their vendors.


Tom McCaully

Tom is a founding Partner and CEO of GrayHair Software, Inc. and brings 35 years of postal industry experience. In his role, he continues to build the company into an innovative data management…

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Scott Kushner

Scott is responsible for the day-to-day administration of GrayHair. His focus on innovation, product development, client services, and profitability, helps him lead the various teams at…

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Nicole Burney
VP Client Services & Production

Nicole is responsible for delivering world-class service to all of GrayHair’s clients and ensuring that the high standards of quality and delivery are maintained. She is responsible for client…

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Angelo Anagnostopoulos
VP Postal Affairs

Angelo works with GrayHair’s clients to help them maximize their postal operations, develop compliance best practices and provide guidance on a wide variety of postal issues and regulations.

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Dylan Purse
VP Product  Management

Dylan Purse is responsible for the company’s technology roadmap, product development and go-to-market strategies, as well as partner relationship initiatives.


Deborah Lemon
VP Resources, Planning & Contracts

Deb works to bring in best-in-class talent to GrayHair and guides our organizational development to build high-performing teams in an agile environment to meet customer needs.

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Mark Gao
VP Development

Mark manages GrayHair’s Development team’s building and maintaining the SaaS portfolio of products and services. Using the agile approach, Mark manages the technical architecture…

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Josh McCaully
VP Business Development

Josh brings over 20 years of experience in the direct mail industry and understands the needs and challenges of the company’s largest accounts. He is responsible for all of GrayHair’s business…

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Paul Donohue
VP Finance

Paul manages all of GrayHair’s financial operations. In this role, he manages the day-to-day financial administration, as well as forecasting, planning and business development pricing needs.

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Michael Santucci

Michael’s focus is on the security of GrayHair’s systems and protecting the data that is processed. In his role, Michael is responsible for ensuring that all our clients’ needs are met on an everyday basis.

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Our Client Services (CS) area owns the responsibility of fostering collaborative relationships and driving the “what if” conversations with clients and colleagues alike. The CS team is dedicated to bringing new customers and vendors on board, and building the best possible end-user customer experience. The CS team is committed to quality control and assurance of GrayHair product releases and software change management. In addition, they’re held accountable for client satisfaction and retention. Above all they are committed to answering “what if” and delivering world-class customer service.


At GrayHair we hire the best and the brightest who ask the “what if” that drives our innovation and product development. We encourage our teams to grow and stretch to deliver the best products and solutions to help our clients grow. Working at GrayHair gives you an opportunity not only to make a difference with your work, but it gives you the opportunity to make a difference with our clients and the community. Working in an agile environment enables everyone at GrayHair to keep moving ahead and looking for the best solutions and services.

Here is a list of current positions:



NPF (National Postal Forum)
May 22-24 Baltimore MD
Booth Highlights and Presentations by GrayHair Experts


Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom)
Board of Director’s Meeting
June 13th – Alexandria VA
More details


DMNews Webcast
Wed. July 12th
“What’s Your Address-ability in the Digital World?”
Check back for more details and registration information


DMA Annual Marketing Conference
October 8-10, New Orleans LA